Non-denominational church serving Conifer, Colorado

Core Beliefs

 Who are we?

We asked ourselves the same question. It’s important to know who you are before doing the things you do. That’s why we spent a lot of time together conversing with God, engaging his Word, learning more about the Conifer community, and listening to one another about who we are to be as Timber Ridge Church. Here’s what we discovered. We not only think it’s exciting, we believe it’s right on target for why God has us here in this time and season.

Timber Ridge Church (non-denominational) is a gathered group of people with all kinds of backgrounds, life-places, and stories who want to love God and everyone around us really well—with everything we have and all that we are.

Above all, put on love.

Everyone has a theology, a belief system about what they think to be true about God, the world, and humanity. We have one too. It informs how we go about living and serving. We do our best to allow God’s Word to shape our beliefs. We know, however, not everyone will interpret the Scriptures the same. We get that. Some things haven’t been settled among God-loving people for 2,000+ years. We believe there are a lot of areas of faith that are not negotiable—like Jesus being the Son of God who lived, died, and was resurrected. We also believe that as a Body with many parts, not everyone will agree. To that end, we want to live in unity with other believers whether or not we see things equally. Above all, we want to love to lead us. It’s more important than being right, smart, or relevant. As Paul reminds us, if we know it all and have it all, but have no love—we amount to nothing. 1 Cor 13:2

Core Beliefs

Many churches refer to what they believe to be true about God, this world, and humanity as their “Statement of Faith.” That’s an accurate statement, with “faith” being the operative word. Many of the ancient creeds begin with “We believe…” That’s a far cry from “we know” or “we can definitively prove.”

At Timber Ridge Church, we take seriously the imperative to “work out your salvation with fear and trembling,  for it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill his good purpose (Philippians 2:12-13). Believing in anything or anyone takes faith. Below are the Core Beliefs we hold to be true, in faith, as we continue to study God’s Word and seek the Holy Spirit’s guidance in living out the Kingdom life Jesus calls us to in the Bible.

We believe at the center of all our beliefs is Jesus. We believe Jesus is “the Christ, the Son of the Living God” (John 14:6) and that through His life, death, and resurrection, those who put their trust in Him, will have life (know and love Him now and forever) and have it to the fullest measure.

Some Specific Core Beliefs

1. The Word of God. We believe that the Bible is the Word of God, written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, and is God’s revelation of Himself and the love story He continues to write in us and the world in “making all things new” (Rev 21:5). We believe the Bible has supreme authority in all matters of faith and conduct, and that no words are wasted in Scripture. (John 17: 17; Rom. 15:4; 2 Tim. 3:16,17; 2 Pet. 1:19-21)

2. The Trinity. We believe that there is one living and true God, who has eternally existed in three persons: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. We believe “The Lord our God, the Lord is one” (Deut 6:4) and that in this mysterious union as God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, God is equal in every divine perfection and gives Himself in love through every distinct yet harmonious expression of the God in the work of creation, providence, and redemption. (Matt. 28:19, John 1:1-4, I John 5:7)

3. God the Father. We believe in God the Father, an infinite, personal spirit, perfect in holiness, wisdom, power, and love. We believe that He concerns Himself mercifully in the affairs of people, that He hears and answers prayer, and that He saves from sin and death all who come to Him through Jesus Christ. (John 3:16, 17; 4:24; 17:5)

4. Jesus Christ. We believe in Jesus Christ, God’s only begotten Son, conceived by the Holy Spirit. We believe in His virgin birth, sinless life, miracles, and teachings. We believe in His atoning death, bodily resurrection, ascension into heaven, perpetual intercession for His people, and personal visible return to earth. We believe Jesus is alive and actively working in our lives, His Church, and in the world today. (Isa. 7:14, John 1:14; Phil. 2:5-11; Heb. 1:2,3; 1 John 1:7)

5. The Holy Spirit. We believe in the Holy Spirit who came forth from the Father and Son to
convict the world of sin, righteousness, and judgment, and to regenerate, sanctify, and
empower all who believe in Jesus Christ. We believe that the Holy Spirit indwells every believer in Christ, and that He is an abiding helper, teacher, comforter, and guide. (John 14:26; 16: 7- 15; Rom. 8:14-17; Eph. 1:13-14)

6. Regeneration. We believe that all people were created to be in deep and abiding relationship with God. Unfortunately, both by nature and choice, all people are sinners (miss the mark, allow pride and disbelief to push them away from God and others) and fall short of God’s glory (Romans 3:23). The result is separation from God and bondage to sin and death. We believe that those who repent of their sins and trust in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord are regenerated by the Holy Spirit, have restored fellowship with God, and new and renewed life. (John 1:12-13: 3:3, 16-17; Acts 20:21; Eph. 2:1-9, Titus 3:5)

7. The Church. We believe in the universal Church, a living spiritual body of which Christ is the head and all regenerated persons are members. We believe in the local church consisting of a company of believers in Jesus Christ, baptized by faith, and committed to worship, work, and fellowship. We believe that God has laid upon the members of the local church the primary task of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost and broken world–to offer love, hope, and life to those near and far. (Matt. 16:16-18; Acts 2:38-41; Eph. 2:19-22; 5:25-27)

8. Christian Conduct. We believe that Christians should live for the glory of God and the well-being of others; that their conduct should be God-honoring before the world; that they should be faithful stewards of their possessions; and that they should seek a life of continual growth and maturity in Christ. The two main question a Christ-follower asks regarding conduct are: does this represent the God I love and serve and is it life-giving or life-taking? (2 Cor. 9:6-8; Eph. 4: 11-16; Phil. 2: 14-16; Co!. 3:17-23; 1Thes. 5:17-18)

9. The Sacraments. We believe that through Jesus’ life, teaching, and practice, He has entrusted two means of grace to the Church: baptism and holy communion. We believe that these two sacraments are outward signs of inward grace and should be celebrated and participated in until the return of the Lord Jesus Christ. (Matt. 28: 18-20; Acts 2:41-42; Rom. 6:3-5; 1 Cor. 11:23-32)

10. The Last Things. We believe in the personal and visible return of the Lord Jesus Christ to
earth and the fulfilled completion of His Kingdom. We believe in the resurrection of the body, the final judgment, the everlasting joy of the righteous, and the eternal devastation of those who turn themselves away from God. We believe, above all, that God is for us, and He will do what is absolutely loving, just, and right. (John 5:28-29; Rev. 20:1-15; 2 Cor. 5:10; Matt. 25:31-46)