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Our Values

What We Value

What we actually values isn’t always what we say we value. Values are the things that drive us to do what we do. They’re our motivating force for making big as well as small decisions. And we know what we value, not by what we say, but by where we give our time, attention, energy, and resources.

Values aren’t something we have already attained. They’re something we strive after so that we, others, and this world can become more fulfilled and complete.

That said, here’s what we value at Timber Ridge Church:

Dignity. Every person has a story. Every believer as a unique Kingdom role to play. We recognize the rich tapestry God has woven in our midst – creativity from every nation, young and old, richer and poorer, letting this shape our leadership, worship, and theology.

Welcoming Stranger and Friends.  We value the welcome of God and so, seek to make room for the ‘other’ and the stranger in our midst: to feast at the table together, to commune, to care, to become family. We recognize the provision of space and time for brokenness and the need for a safe refuge of healing, acceptance, and prayer, from which to remove our masks, taste reconciliation and move forward in expressing gifts and passions.

Unity over Being Right. We know the need for unity and love to maintain community in the midst of growth. We see the potential for tensions and divisions over matters such as different styles of worship, ideas about property development, and holding together two congregations.

Truth-Telling. The truth will set you free.

Growth and Spiritual Maturity. We value that people are works in progress. Prayer and study.

Action over Words. We yearn for our actions to arise from theological reflection, and from a commitment to a community process and a common vision. We affirm our church’s prophetic role, calling one another and our culture to do justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with our God.

Love over all things. “Above all,” Paul says, “put on love which binds all things together.” If we have it all, know it all, can do it all … but we don’t have love, it’s useless. We’re simply a bell that has no echo.

Intimacy with God through Prayer and His Word.

Caring for the Least, Last, and Lost. We value such because Jesus did, and we want our heart to beat like His does.


Kingdom Risk-taking. We value sustainability amidst urban transience. To move ahead in faith initiatives and risks together, we recognize the wisdom of adequate staff and space, resourcing and cultivating ownership in people, rest for weary workers, and a sound financial base.


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