Non-denominational church serving Conifer, Colorado



The Journey

Good Morning, While on a flight recently I pulled up the GPS viewing option housed on the back of the seat in front of me. It presented me with a lot of information about my trip from Indiana to Colorado […]


The Power of a Smile

Good Morning, A happy heart makes the face cheerful, but heartache crushes the spirit.  Prov. 15:13 My wife and I work with a young woman named Laura who has an infectious smile.  When she walks into a room it gets […]


What a Great Friend

Joseph Scriven was born in Ireland in 1819.  At the age of 25 he had fallen in love and was to be married.  The day before his marriage his fiancé died in a drowning accident.   In hopes of starting a new life […]


Maturity Markers

Maturity Markers: Am I Growing Spiritually? Even into our eighties and nineties, our ears and noses remind us that our bodies continue to grow. Recognizing spiritual growth, however, isn’t always that easy. Maybe you’ve asked as many do: How doI know […]


COFA Podcast

If you like God and the outdoors or want to learn more about God and the outdoors COFA – Christian Outdoor Fellowship of America is having an outdoor devotional bible study. Take a listen to our PODCAST and listen to […]