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Good Morning,

“I can’t get no satisfaction, I can’t get no satisfaction”… and so repeats one of the most well-known of all the Rolling Stone hits.  I bet some of you have started singing it already.

Mick Jagger started belting out the words of that song as a young man while performing on stages across the world on his way to becoming one of the greatest stage showman of all time. Yet, in an interview many years ago he said that he would “rather be dead” than to be singing “Satisfaction” at age 45.  In 2013 he turns 70 and he is still singing it and by the looks of his life, he still hasn’t found satisfaction. It isn’t because he hasn’t looked. It’s because he has looked in the wrong places.

There is in every person who has ever walked the face of the earth an awareness of a big, incomprehensible Something; the big awesome mystery that surrounds and enfolds the universe (from Rudolf Otto).  You can’t intellectually grasp it, you just sense it and feel it deep inside you.  It is like a hole that needs filling.

What is true for Mick Jagger is also true for you and I.  You will never find lasting satisfaction anyplace other than God.  If you think you are the exception I’m sorry to disappoint you, but there are no exceptions.  This is not my opinion. This is a demonstrated fact of human history.  I’m not talking about religion here, because most of religion today is hollow.  I’m talking about a relationship with the living God through his son Jesus – The Truth.  Jesus doesn’t expound truth, he IS truth. He is the awesome mystery revealed.  He is the Something.  He is the hole filler.

Are you tired of chasing after the wind?  Going from one new hobby, one new relationship, one new job, one new philosophy, one new church, one new strategic plan for your life and always feeling like you have come up short?  Why not tap into the one thing that will never come up short?

Psalms 107:9 says “For he has satisfied those who thirst, and those who hunger he has filled with food.”

Perhaps for you, it is time to quit trying to do all this on your own.  Why not start by drawing near to God? Because if you do scripture promises that He will draw near to you.  Whether you are coming to him for the first time or returning to him the promise remains the same.  There is satisfaction to be found, and it will satisfy you not only in this life, but on into eternity as well

Live this week on purpose,

Ron Klopfenstein

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